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In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors in Jacksonville, Florida

In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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With our physical therapy services, we've created an environment that brings high quality care to seniors with our unique and highly effective in home physical therapy. Why venture out when you can have the benefits of home therapy? Mobile physical therapy is a new concept but it's found to be the relationship based care most are looking for. We offer personalized treatments to cater to the needs of seniors residing in Jacksonville, FL.

Understanding In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

At Revision Health Services, we pride ourselves in providing personalized in-home physical therapy for seniors right from the comfort of their homes in Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, and the Jacksonville area.

Our highly trained physical therapists make use of effective at-home physical therapy techniques designed especially for older adults to help them regain their physical strength and improve their quality of life.

Oh, did I mention we are in-network with Medicare!
Senior physical therapy at home
Senior physical therapy at home

We understand that for seniors, in-home physical therapy can be a great alternative to outpatient care as it allows for a more personalized, focused approach. Some believe it to be concierge care as well. Concierge physical therapy often attracts those who want that individualized approach to their health. Our dedicated team conducts home physical therapy sessions ensuring our seniors in-home get the best care.

We also offer home health care services with an emphasis on elderly physical wellness. In my practice we call this resiliency. We offer a building resiliency approach that approaches your care as a whole vs. a body part.

As part of our in-home therapy program, we focus on offering routines that our patients can comfortably practice as part of their daily therapy at home. Remember, there's no place like home, especially for recovery!

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Demystifying Misconceptions about Home Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn't just limited to rehabilitation centers or outpatient clinics such as Cora or Brooks Rehab. In fact, at-home physical care is quickly becoming a preferred type of therapy for many, especially seniors in Jacksonville and Del Webb in Nocatee. There is actually a team of us in the Jacksonville area that offer in home care ranging from speech therapists to occupational therapists. I have many clients who very much enjoy the in home approach vs. the busy clinic. Don't get me wrong, the clinic can still be effective but it's not as personalized.

Still, there are many misconceptions about this type of care which we hope to clear up. Firstly, physical therapists are rigorously trained and qualified to provide excellent, comprehensive care right at home. In fact we have doctorate level education and this allows us to help you live a longer, more functional life.

Secondly, at-home therapy isn't simply restricted to physical exercises. Therapists devise extensive care plans tailored to individuals, which may include lifestyle changes, pain management techniques, and much more.

Finally, home physical therapy is not just for extreme cases. It is suitable for various degrees of need, from mild to severe. Nearly all of my clients can leave the home but they choose not to.

Invite physical therapy into your home, and experience a comfortable, personalized road to recovery.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy we are highly trained to treat our patients as whole. There is only so much we can do in a clinic to prepare a patient for what they will experience in their day to day lives. I have had patients who had issues with getting up and down their stairs safely. What better place to be taught the proper techniques of stair ambulation than on your own stairs?

Another example I see is, pain while sleeping. Well if you are receiving in home physical therapy, we can take a look at your pillow, bed, and other factors that may be impacting your ability to sleep. This seemingly innocuous task can prove to be very challenging for seniors. With in-home therapy we can go right to the source and work on how to get into the house in the safest way possible. 

Eligibility and Cost of Home Physical Therapy

The eligibility and cost that come with at-home care isn't as expensive as you may think. For the value, it's a great way to receive high level and evidenced based care in your home. Eligibility is determined by your insurance but most do offer some level of covered. For seniors, if you have Medicare, the cost is very minimal.

Here at Revision Health Services, we strongly believe in making our PT services accessible and affordable for everyone. For that reason we accept cash and are in-network with Medicare. Medicare covers most of our concierge packages and this may be true for other physical therapists near you! 

We're thrilled to offer our expert and compassionate care in the comfort of your own home right at Nocatee, St. Johns, and Ponte Vedra. Fret not about long journeys to the physical therapy clinic or even cost concerns. Through our user-friendly app, you can receive your exercises and homework and you will receive the contact information for your physical therapist.

Our physical therapists are thoroughly trained in providing optimal health care, ensuring that at-home care is as effective as outpatient services. In fact, beyond the doctorate level education, Michael Derry, our owner, has his board certification in Orthopedics! 

Take the plunge into the replenishing waters of home care therapy services and witness firsthand the regenerative wonders of physical therapy. Empower your long-term health with our comprehensive PT care today.

Proven Benefits of Therapy Home Sessions

Embracing in-home physical therapy for seniors offers numerous proven benefits that range from convinence to outcomes.

At Revision Health Services, our highly trained physical therapists help local seniors in-home with customized therapy home sessions, yielding remarkable improvements in their overall health status. These at home services literally add more functional years to peoples lives and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

Home physical therapy isn’t just about convenience, it's a form of personalized care that boosts patient confidence, improves mobility, enhances comfort, and aids in quicker recovery. At-home physical therapy offers seniors much-needed support for managing chronic conditions and post-surgical recuperation in the familiar environment of their homes. 

Our team is well-equipped to provide specialized elderly physical therapy sessions. Whether it’s routine home physical, in-home therapy, or more advanced home health physical therapy services, we deliver it all—right to your doorstep. Experience the benefits of therapy home sessions with our committed and highly trained physical therapists. 

Have you ever heard of “blue zones.” These are areas around the world where there is a high number of senior citizens living well into their 100s and are in good health. It is an interesting phenomena that many scientists have tried to analyze to determine what sets them apart. Apart from diet and genetics, all of these “blue zones” share another commonality. That common thread is more conceptual in nature, it is “purpose.” These people living for a long time retain purpose in their respective communities. They provide contributions that make their presence necessary for the advancement of their families and community at large.

In order to retain purpose you must be able to interact with your physical environment. This is where we can play a crucial role in society. We have the tools and expertise to keep the body functional as you age. I have had patients in tears telling me that they use to be able to go to church, grand kids parties, and take care of the house before their pain became too much to bear.

It is heartbreaking to hear that these people have lost their purpose and the impact this has on their physical, mental, and emotional states. It is the mission of physical therapists around the globe to be a guide and instill hope that you can take care of yourself, and get back to doing the things that you used to do.

It all starts in the home. Why battle leaving the home, or planning your day around therapy? Mobile or in home physical therapy provides the grounds to help people become independent and level up their physical health. In the home we can target the things that are difficult and attack them head on. In-home physical therapy can also allow a therapist to work on the painful areas that hold you back in general. With hands-on manual techniques and targeted exercises we can create a foundation so that you can do the household tasks that prove to be difficult. Once you can take care of yourself at home, getting back out into the community becomes easier. 

Physical Therapy: A Solution for Common Geriatric Injuries

When it comes to providing exceptional healthcare to our elders, the role of a physical therapist plays a vital part. The physical therapists at Revision Health Services are dedicated to alleviating common geriatric injuries such as lower back pain or arthritis.

They understand the diverse health needs of seniors and extend their remarkable physical therapy services to senior residents in Nocatee and Ponte Vedra. The great thing about their service is they provide it at home, making it convenient for older adults and those who really don't want to go to a clinic to receive care.

Revision Health Services brings outpatient sessions and concierge physical therapy to your home or even workplace! Plus, our personnel also help demystify the misconceptions about home physical therapy and guide you in understanding the eligibility requirements and cost. Proving time and time again the immense benefits of therapy sessions, we’re confident to say that the physical therapists at Revision Health Services are your solution for attaining optimal health.

Health is earned, let us help show you how! 
At home physical therapy for seniors
At home physical therapy for Seniors!

Did you know that one of the most common causes of hip fractures for older adults is a fall? I have had countless patients explain to me that they fell while getting up to go the bathroom during the night. Night time can be very difficult to navigate due to poor lighting, objects being left out, or even pets! With in-home physical therapy we can look at your environment and areas of your body that may need some TLC and determine how to make you as resilient as possible.

Physical therapists often refer to themselves as “movement specialists.” Being a movement specialist goes much deeper than just watching how you walk. We like to see how our patients interact with their environment. It can be difficult in the clinic to get an idea of what our patients encounter while they are at home. In-home physical therapy can allow the therapist to watch how the patient moves while at home. This will give valuable information on how to treat and allows for the best possible care. 

Should an 80 year old be sent to physical therapy or should it be done at home? 

There is no age limit on who can receive physical therapy. In fact I would recommend that it should be a goal to be moving as much as possible throughout the course of your life. a PT should be thought of similar to your dentist. You should have your body looked at a couple times a year at the minimum.

I had a patient who had lived with knee pain for several years. He was an Army vet and tough as they come. Due to the severity of his arthritis it was determined that he would benefit from a knee replacement. Following the surgery, I got to evaluate him at home the next day and determine his current level of ability.

This gentleman was 83 years old and took pride in being able to care for his garden. During the evaluation he asked if he would ever be able to get back in the yard and garden. I knew this was important to him and that our treatment needed to get him to a place physically where he could bend over, walk, carry, and pull weeds. His knee was very stiff initially, and we knew we had to get it moving before he was able to get back to gardening. Aside from general physical therapy techniques I was able to teach him how to use his recliner to prop his knee up so that it could stretch and get as straight as possible.

The ability to get the knee straight following surgery is one of the most important goals during rehab. We were able to use the tools in his own home to aid in his recovery. After we established a good range of motion and strength we were able to get in the yard and slowly progress the activities that he wanted to get back to with regard to gardening. It took a while to get him to the point where he could kneel and put pressure on the knee, but we were able to adjust, using pads, stools, and education on taking breaks when needed. With in-home physical therapy we were able to get this gentleman back to doing the things he never thought he would be able to do. These activities do more than occupy time, they give people purpose and concrete joy that can’t be dismissed. 

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Connect with us here!

Finding Nearby In-Home Physical Therapists

Finding quality physical therapy services for seniors can be challenging, especially when you're looking for in-home physical therapists near you. At Revision Health Services, we are dedicated to providing exemplary home care and health care services. We pride ourselves on remaining descret and professional so you can have the best environment for healing possible.

Our exceptional team of physical therapists focus on helping seniors maintain and improve their health, while providing in-home physical therapy that's both convenient and effective.

Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, and Del Webb: Prime Locations for Concierge Home Therapy

Nocatee, Ponte Vedra and Del Webb are prime locations for in-home physical therapy, particularly for seniors.

At Revision Health Services, we're committed to providing top-notch home therapy that's easily accessible. I have spent many days in these areas of Jacksonville and I really enjoy my time and clients.

With our therapy at home services, we've opted to bring essential health care right at your doorstep. So, why venture out when you can have the benefits of home therapy and experience how medicine started. We offer personalized treatments to cater to the needs of seniors residing in these neighborhoods. Unrivaled commitment and unparalleled care are our way of serving our community.

In conclusion, at Revision Health Services, we are not just providers of physical therapy; we are advocates for your well-being and partners in your journey to better health. Our in-home physical therapy services for seniors in Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, and the Jacksonville area are designed to bring high-quality care right to your doorstep, ensuring your comfort, convenience, and personalized care.

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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