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Revision Health Services
Jacksonville, Florida

Revision Health Services started with the vision to do better. Too often people are stuck in a system that is generic and not uniquely focused. This applies for the patient and provider! Physical therapists and other providers are often consumed by a system that focuses on numbers. I have been a part of organizations that are owned by investors that care more about what you bill rather than who you are. This is not a system that allows patients to receive the care they deserve and to receive it by a provider that is happy and focused. RHS is focused on an experience that allows for care that focuses on building resilience and a strong alliance to allow the provider and patient to grow together.

Our communities are struggling with preventable illnesses. Pain can be a limitation and with RHS you can gain control or eliminate your pain followed by a health plan to get you the life you deserve.

Michael Derry Revision Health Services

Dr. Michael Derry, PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Michael Derry grew up in a small town where he and his younger brothers were constantly on the move. He became fascinated with the human body and went on to major in biology at Monmouth College. He then went on to receive his doctorate of physical therapy from Bradley University in 2015. After this, he began an orthopedic residency followed by obtaining a board certification in orthopedics. He enjoys treating back pain and recognizes the complexity of pain and healthcare. His passion lies in improving lives while decreasing the cost to the patient and the healthcare system. He also very much enjoys a good cup of coffee or espresso. Weekends often include finding a new coffee shop and learning about the roasting and brewing process.

Treatment Philosophy.

Dr. Michael Derry believes that physical therapy shouldn’t be limited to the treatment of a diagnosis. Our lives go beyond a diagnosis. He understands the common frustrations with healthcare and he strives to answer all questions to ensure all expectations are well understood. When improving health, he recognizes that it is important to consider all aspects of evidence-based care.

This not only includes current research but blending the patient’s goals with experience. For too long the voices of patients have been diminished and he wants to empower each person to take control of their health experience. He wants you to see your best self and strive for it.

Core Values

Doctor Derry with patient

1. Prevention

  • Health is earned. We prevent disability and loss of function with a strong offense focused around exercise, stretching, mobility, and fitness forward beliefs.

2. Altruism

  • We focus on giving you what you deserve every time.

3. Growth

  • Growth can be uncomfortable but the destination is worth the journey. A growth mindset to reach your goals.

4. Empathy

  • While we may not be able to feel what you are going through that doesn't mean we don’t understand how you are feeling.

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