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In home Massage serving St. Johns, Nocatee,
and Ponte Vedra, Florida.

The vision of Revision Health Services is to provide unique, convenient and effective care. It only made sense to add an hands on approach to addressing trigger points, pain, stiffness, and limited mobility. Massage an approach to make significant muscle and tissue changes to keep you feeling your best self. Teaming up massage therapy with physical therapy is great because we can learn from each other and give your body the best chance of recovering and staying resilient. We can work together to make sure you are feeling your best self. A true patient centered approach.

In Home Massage

Convenient high quality massage delivered to you! Just like our physical therapy services we strive to bring the best to you. A licensed massage therapist will come to you to address your limitations so you can feel better and do more. Hands on care to improve your discomfort, stiffness, tension, and improve joint movement.

Common conditions treated with massage include: lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and trigger points.

Types of massages include:

  • Trigger point massage
  • Neuromuscular massage
  • Medical massage

What To Expect

  • You can refer to our FAQ for the most common questions we get around massage.
  • You will submit your information here and we will reach out to learn a little about you and what is going on to help you receive the best massage possible. 
  • Once confirmed you will receive intake information to make sure you and your body are safe to receive a massage.
  • Sit at home, relax, and wait for your massage! 

One step closer to a better you.

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