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Telehealth-Virtual Visits

Highly skilled provider with board certification in orthopedics and years of experience treating and relieving pain without costly interventions.

The new normal.

Due to the current pandemic virtual is becoming the norm vs. exception.
Telehealth allows you to receive care without the physical interaction letting you maintain your safety but improve your life.
With RHS telehealth services you will get the care you need to get rid of your pain in a way that matches your schedule without gimmicks or false promises.  

What does the research say about Telehealth?

"No overall difference in patient satisfaction between those receiving in-person PT and those receiving telehealth."

PT Eannucci, E.F., Hazel, K., Grundstein, M.J. et al. Patient Satisfaction for Telehealth Physical Therapy Services Was Comparable to that of In-Person Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic. During the COVID-19 Pandemic. HSS Jrnl 16, 10–16 (2020).

One step closer to a better you.

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