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Private Physical Therapy at Home: How it Works

Private Physical Therapy at Home: How it Works

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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At Revision Health Services, we are all about delivering high quality and tailored therapy services. It's our passion, and it's what we do best! There are many benefits of the type of service we offer and this is just scratching the surface! Services included physical therapy and massage! 

Benefits of Private In-Home Physical Therapy

The benefits of private in-home physical therapy are numerous. It’s a personal way to receive health care that caters to your individual needs and convenience. After working in many clinics and for large healthcare organizations, I quickly learned that high quality care was diluted due to the demand for volume! 

Common conditions that we treat include back pain, hip pain, balance deficits, and physical therapy after a hip or knee replacement.

Our private physical therapy services in St. Johns, Nocatee, and Ponte Vedra focus not only on physical healing but also on health and wellness. We provide a family-friendly atmosphere where our experienced physical therapists execute personalized training routines designed specifically for each patient.

Dr. Derry worked with my crazy working mom schedule and traveled to both my home and place of business.

We understand that getting out or leaving the office can be a concern for many patients requiring physical therapy, which is why we offer mobile services. Our mobile physical therapy services mean that you don't have to stress about commuting; we bring the therapy to you. This service can be a great benefit for those who find travel challenging, and it also minimizes the risk of ending up in Jacksonville traffic! 

Your health is our priority, and we strive to bring you the highest quality health care in the comfort of your home. Our team of patient-focused physical therapists are dedicated to helping you regain your strength and mobility and achieve your health goals. Our private in-home physical therapy service allows you to receive the highest standard of PT care right where you’re most comfortable. So, let’s get started on your healing journey together and begin building your resiliency.

In home physical therapy
Physical Therapy in your home

Sometimes my clients think that in-home physical therapy is "home health" physical therapy. It's not. While I have worked with many clients after surgery and with back pain, my care is out-patient care in your home. We can cover you Day 1 after a surgery or Day 10 after throwing out your back! 

Q: What are the benefits of private in-home physical therapy?
A: Private in-home physical therapy offers various benefits, including personalized health care that caters to your individual needs and convenience. Our team at Revision Health ensures you receive quality care in a family-focused atmosphere, without the stress of commuting, as we offer mobile services. This treatment is beneficial for individuals who find travel challenging or inconvenient. This is how healthcare started! 

Efficiency and Convenience of Physical Therapy Sessions in Your Home

For many individuals, home-care physical therapy presents a unique solution to the often challenging process of outpatient rehabilitation. Feeling like you are in a mill and receiving care by a therapist that walks away from you. I don't miss the busy clinic and trust me, people love having me dial in their health in their own home.

At Revision Health Services, we've tailored our therapy sessions to deliver efficient and effective results in a much more accessible context — your home. Our experienced home physical therapists bring the highest standard of medical care directly to you. Some of the services and specialties we offer are massage, dry needling, and manual therapy! 

Home therapy, unlike traditional outpatient methods, offers a flexibility that adjusts to your lifestyle, meaning therapy in-home can occur when it suits you and in the comfort of your own surroundings. I have treated clients in their home gym and living room.

Connect with us here!
Connect with us here!

Our trust in this innovative approach to therapy remains steadfast, as we proudly continue to inflame positive change within the realm of physical therapy services.

Q: What differentiates traditional outpatient rehab from in-home therapy?
A: Traditional outpatient rehab often presents challenges due to commuting, scheduling, and lack of attention. May clinics in the area, see two clients at once! On the other hand, home-care physical therapy, like those provided by Revision Health Services, offers flexibility and adjusts to your lifestyle. Your body deserves the best! Our experienced home physical therapists deliver the highest standard of medical care directly to you, resulting in efficient and effective results.

Providing Health and Physical Wellness with Expert Physical Therapists

Investing in your health with concierge in-home physical therapy is a choice that can bring about remarkable changes in your lifestyle. It is very rewarding to see clients level up! 

Experienced physical therapists will guide you through a comprehensive wellness journey, targeting not just physical rehabilitation, but your overall health. This comfort of receiving expert assistance, right in your home setting, tailors care to your unique needs and goals.

Why is it, healthcare often feels like sick care? 

Our physical therapists specialize in providing professional health services for various conditions. All of the therapists at Revision Health Services have attained their Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). Whether it's a DPT who specializes in managing post-operative symptoms, or a PT trained in orthopedics, their extensive in-field experience ensures optimal results for each patient. The therapists' adaptability paired with the convenience of doing sessions at home helps make treatment accessible and efficient.

Physical therapy in your own home
Private in home physical therapy

This home-based care approach has significant benefits, which mainly revolve around the ease and familiarity of home. Exercising and recovery should be done in a conducive environment, and there's no better place than home. By adopting a treatment plan at home, it allows patients to focus more on their recovery, and less on unnecessary stressors.

We understand the importance of personalized and meaningful care. A pillar of Revision health is empathy. We are committed to providing home physical therapy and ensuring a path to healthiness. Connect with us today for an enriching journey to recovery and health.

Q: How do I begin with in-home physical therapy?
A: You can start with in-home physical therapy by reaching out to us at Revision Health Services. You do not need a referral for physical therapy! Our experienced physical therapists will guide you through a comprehensive wellness journey, tailoring care to your unique needs and goals. Whether you need post-operative care, geriatric care, or help improving those aches and pains we are ready to assist you.

Understanding How Home PT Works: Choose Your Path of Physical Restoration

Private at-home Physical Therapy (PT) is making continuous strides in the realm of rehab and general health, providing valuable services that exceed those of a traditional clinic setting. At the core of Home PT lays the notion that we are able to recover and improve our health at home.

When you choose home PT for your recovery path, you're choosing a convenient and efficient method that allows you to receive personalized care in the comfort of your own home. I have seen this so many times and when I ask clients about their experienced, they often state how surprised they were on how effective in home PT is.

Pioneered by experienced physical therapists, home PT services are tailored to meet your individual needs. Revision Health offers a multitude of benefits, considering your physical wellness, taking the insurance hassle off your shoulders, and helping you build your physical resiliency. Our dedicated PTs at Revision Health Services have a thorough understanding of the healthcare system, and it's frustrations. That's why we will discuss and review your findings from the evaluation and help you choose the plan best for you.

The beauty of in-home physical therapy lies not just in its convenience, but also in its capacity to cater to your unique physical needs. Whether you're on a quest for post-surgery rehab or general wellness home PT offers a safe, more personalized approach to restoring your physical capabilities. Our experienced physical therapists aspire to make you realize the full potential of home PT, empowering you to choose physical restoration in your own home.

Q: How can Revision Health Services assist with my health needs?
A: At Revision Health Services, our team is dedicated to helping you regain your strength and mobility and achieve your health goals. We offer physical therapy services that focus on your physical wellbeing, health, and wellness. Through our easy-to-use app for your exercises, scheduling an in-home therapy session is simple and stress-free. Because Revision Health was founded to do different, you will absolutely feel different.

What sets Revision Health Services apart from other home therapy programs is the customized approach to rehab that goes beyond just “getting you better.” Most physical therapists strive to get their patients back to their prior level of function. Many times this means doing the bare minimum so that the patient is functional. Revision Health Services goes further to provide their patients with long lasting care that not only gets them back to baseline, but beyond to help prevent further injury and decline.

Private In home physical therapy
In home physical therapy

Low back pain is very common and typically episodic in nature. This means that it will come and go, sometimes for no good reason. Teaching patients not to panic and providing them with techniques to reduce the amount of time an episode lasts are part of what can be offered with personalized home health therapy. Sometimes all it takes is a refresher on exercises to get back on track or answering some questions. Patients have access to their therapist through email, text messages, and even calls. This type of access is unique and sets Revision Health Services apart from other providers. 

Q: Are home-care physical therapists available in my area?
A: Revision Health Services provides in-home physical therapists across various locations. Please consult our website or office for more specific information. Our goal is to make the path to health restoration comfortable and convenient for you.

Home Health Misconceptions: Cost, Eligibility, and Finding In-Home Physical Therapy Near You

There's some prevalent misinformation about private in-home physical therapists and health care services. First off, the perceived cost of these services might discourage some from seeking help. However, it's vital to know that there are various financial options available, sometimes including Medicare, which make these services accessible to many patients. This fantastic feature makes home health care not just a luxury, but a viable option for those needing PT.

Connect with us here!
Connect with us here!

Eligibility for home physical therapy is another widely misunderstood aspect. In truth, any patient requiring physical therapy can opt for in home health care, and our therapists are ready to review your medical information to get these services started. It doesn't matter if your physical health needs are great or small; our team of expert therapists can provide the necessary therapy in a convenient setting. At Revision Health Services, we are all about delivering quality and tailored therapy services. It's our passion, and it's what we do best! Make sure to reference the FAQ page for more insurance related questions.

Q: What insurance coverage options are available for in-home physical therapy services?
A: Various financial plans, including insurance coverage, are available for in-home physical therapy services, making it accessible and affordable. We are in network with Medicare and also have a cash rate. Revision Health Services will assist you in understanding your insurance requirements to ensure you have 100% clarity about your care.

In conclusion, our team at Revision Health Services provides in-home physical therapists across various locations. Please consult our website for more information. Remember, the path to health doesn't have to feel like an uphill task. With in-home physical therapy, you can enjoy expert, personalized care right in your comfort zone!

Revision Health Services offers physical therapy and wellness in Jacksonville, Nocatee, and St. Johns, Florida. To find out if our services could be the best fit for you, reach out and let's chat!

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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