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The Exercise Program

When it comes down to it over time we need to build resiliency. Too often pain or discomfort gets in the way of us achieving our goals and potential. With custom exercise programming you can expect all the benefits of exercising your own but with a specific focus on your body, accountability, and programmed designed and monitored by a doctor of physical therapy. It is highly recommended that we all reach a certain level of activity with an emphasis on strength, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance. Most of us know this but with exercise programming you get a doctor of physical therapy to understand your body, where you want to go, and we remove the barriers such as time, pain, and knowledge to help you have a more resilient and enjoyable life.

What To Expect

  • Evaluation from a doctor of physical therapy to discuss goals and evaluate your body. 
  • Unique and relevant custom workouts each week to match your body and goals. 
  • No equipment? No problem! Achieving your goals is determined by mindset not by the equipment you have.
  • Weekly accountability phones calls or virtual visits with an emphasis on form to ensure you are feeling what you should be feeling as you progress.
  • Access to the Doctor of Physical Therapy who is monitoring your program. Texts, calls, virtual check ins? - You got it!

One step closer to a better you.

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