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Looking for Physical Therapy Near You? How about Physical Therapy that comes TO you!

Looking for Physical Therapy Near You? How about Physical Therapy that comes TO you!

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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When it comes to looking for physical therapy services, it’s only natural to want to find a physical therapist near you. Googling, “physical therapy near me” will bring up many results. But, did you know that physical therapy could come right to you without you ever having to take a step out your own door? Better, more convenient care in your home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "this sounds like home health physical therapy that someone gets because they can't leave to go to a clinic." This is not home health physical therapy. Mobile physical therapy is when a physical therapist provides outpatient services in your home! 

Let’s dive into how mobile physical therapy can provide you with one-on-one, high level care, that is convienent and effective in the comfort of your own home.

**Disclaimer: This is just my opinion from 7+ years of experience with working in multiple settings and managing multiple clinics for large companies.

Physical Therapy Near Me? 

Mobile physical therapy is a type of physical therapy where the physical therapist comes right to your home to evaluate and treat you. The physical therapist brings the table and all the equipment needed to perform the same treatments you would be able to have in the clinic. There are many of us here in Jacksonville, Florida! Check out this directory to learn a little about all of us! 

Check out this video to learn more about how bringing physical therapy directly to you may be a better option than physical therapy near you.

Types of Physical Therapy in Nocatee, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, and Jacksonville, Florida.

I specialize in treating people with lower back pain, but there are all kinds of physical therapists here in Jacksonville, FL who will come treat you in your home. There are physical therapists who treat pediatrics, women’s health issues, geriatrics, and many other specialties that are happy to come and treat you in the comfort of your own home. Check out these YouTube videos about specialty providers like physical therapists who specialize in neurological physical therapy and healthcare providers who help improve your wellness with functional medicine. 

4 Advantages of Physical Therapy in Your Home.

  1. One of the best advantages of having physical therapy in your home is you get to save yourself tons of time that would be wasted commuting or sitting in a clinic waiting on the therapist. Not only do you save time, but you also get personalized attention from a physical therapist who won’t be typing away on their computer the whole visit. Happier patient, happier provider! 
  2. Another great advantage is the personal attention. Now, some may not want to be the center of attention but when you are a doctor of physical therapy only working with you, you can expect a faster more enjoyable recovery.
  3. The other big advantage of being treated at home is your physical therapist can help you identify barriers in your personal environment that might be influencing your recovery process and adapt your treatment program to your home environment in real time. Do you have pain getting out of bed? Or, do you wish you could find the time to take care of yourself? Less time driving and more time doing! 
  4. It doesn't cost any more than receiving care in the clinic! Your time is valuable and your don't have to waste any of it! 

Physical therapy in your home will also help refer you to other medical services as needed. If there is an issue that needs to be discussed with your doctor, we can even sit in your home and call your primary care physician right then and there with you.

Physical therapy and physiotherapy are the same thing!

Personally, I like physiotherapy because it sounds so much better. It rolls off the tongue nicely! All things considered, they are the same thing. If you are from other parts of the world then you will be very family with physiotherapy. I am not sure when the change occurred but of course the states have to be unique compared to the rest of the world! 

3 Things to consider when deciding physical therapy:

  • Just like othe doctors and providers, it may take you seeing 1 or 2 before finding one you like! That is okay. Physical therapy is unique and you will spend a lot of time with them. It's best to get along with personality and treatment patterns.
  • Mobile physical therapy provides a convenient and personalized option to help you achieve your goals. Physical therapy in the clinic also has many good things to offer but there are things to consider. Drive time, convenience, hours, and what you are looking for. If you are the type of person where you have to leave the house to get away for a bit, then care that comes to your may not be the best option for you! 
  • Physical therapy is an active approach to your recovery and care. Exercise, hands on work (manual therapy), and education are staples of most treatment methods and are highly supported by evidence. Especially for lower back pain! Your sessions can range from 30 minutes to over an hour. Mine are typically 55 minutes or so.
Physical Therapy near me? Physical Therapy to you!

What is the cost of physical therapy?

Most of the time the cost of treatment with mobile physical therapy is the same as what you would pay in a clinic. If it does cost more, it’s important to understand that you most likely will not need as many sessions and may get better much faster than the traditional clinic model of physical therapy. This will actually save you money in the long run.

What you will learn will be highly unique to you and your environment. You will also be able to carry this information on for years to come! 

It is also worth considering that if you pay cash or don't go through insurance you are truly in charge of your care. Insurance often dictates what you can do with a patient and it take away from the experience and hinder outcomes.

Physical therapy providers like myself do accept insurance but not accept all of them. When you accept insurance the customer is no longer the patient. You have to do what insurance tells you to, whether you agree or not, and in some cases that is not worth it.

With in home physical therapy services, will you have what we will need?

One of the main questions I get is, “Can I actually get a hard workout or session and achieve my goals without gym equipment?” The answer is always yes! You can get a challenging session in at your home and I have a variety of workout equipment that I bring to you.

Sometimes people are worried about their kids or pets distracting them or having a messy house. As physical therapists, we’re not worried about any of that. In fact, I love meeting your kids and pets during a treatment session. I’m not stressed about the state of your house. I really enjoy seeing people in their element. This is how medicine used to be practiced. 

Get better today with physical therapy that Comes to You!

Now you’re equipped with all the information to decide if mobile physical therapy is the right fit for you. There are lots of great physical therapists here in Jacksonville who would love to come work with you one-on-one in your home and help you get back to doing exactly what you want without pain or limitations. So next time you need physical therapy, consider trying out physical therapy that comes to you instead of physical therapy near you.

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Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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