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3 Resistance Band Back Exercises | Effective Exercises for Posture

3 Resistance Band Back Exercises | Effective Exercises for Posture

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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Let's review my favorite resistance band back exercises that I have seen improve posture in my clients. They can be done anywhere and are a great way to improve postural strength with easy exercises.

Maximize Your Resistance Band Back Workout with Key Exercises

Working from home can challenge your posture, but with the right resistance band back exercises, you're on your way to strengthening the muscles that matter most. Gravity wants to win, don't let it! 

Variety is the spice of exercise, and mixing up your routine with resistance bands back exercises can add that needed diversity. Consistency with these exercises means activating various muscle groups and promoting better posture, especially if you're seated for extended periods of time. Often times it's stiff hips and tight upper backs when I treat people who work from home or sit for their day job.

Utilizing different angles with your resistance band back exercises ensures you work your back muscles comprehensively. Remember that the quality of each exercise is important; focus on smooth, controlled movements rather than rushing through your sets.

Is There Such a Thing as the “Best Exercise” for your Back?

The short answer is no. However, there are good foundational exercises that can lay the groundwork to build up for future exercises. Exercises should provide a lot of bang for your buck with regard to strengthening the back. Unlike a bicep curl, when you work the back, you end up working nearly the entire body. This makes it one of the most important pieces to building a healthy core

Revamping your back workout with resistance band exercises fosters not only physical strength but also a renewed sense of vitality. So root yourself in a firm stance, feel the tension of the band, and embrace the journey towards a stronger, more poised you with each band pull. Remember, your back is the cornerstone of good posture — let's fortify it with purpose and persistence!

That said, best exercise are usually based on the type of back pain. Pain caused from degenerative or degenerative disc disease is treated very differently compared to pain caused by sciatica. While they both can occur in your back they are treated very differently.

3 Resistance Band Exercises for Posture That Can be Done at Home

Romanian Dead Lift (RDL)

Banded Romanian Deadlift
Banded Romanian Dead Lift

2 Sets of 8 on each side

The Romanian Deadlift (RDL) Is a staple of any exercise routine. Just about every exercise routine should involve some type of hip hinge. This means that you are bending over at the waist, and using it like a hinge to bend forward. The Romanian deadlift differs from its cousin the deadlift in that there is less bending in the knees and more of the movement comes from hinging at the hips. This exercise helps build the resilience of the lower back by putting stress on it.

Remember, stress in the proper amount is a good thing because it helps build your muscles up rather than break them down. The RDL can be done using a resistance band. Wrap the ends of the band around your wrist while stepping on the band to anchor it down. Once you feel tension in the band while just standing, allow the arms to hang by your side. From there, start to bend over at the waist. A good cue is to stick your butt out as you go down. Bending down will be easy because the band will actually pull you toward the ground. The resistance will be felt as you go back up. 

Banded Squat 

Squat with Resistance Band
Banded Squat

2 sets of 20

The banded squat is another one of those foundational movements that provides a base to work off of. It involves the whole body by incorporating the ankles, knees, hips, and even the core! This compound exercise not only works multiple muscles in the body, it works as a functional movement as well. Being able to stand up against gravity is a crucial component to maintaining independence. This exercise is done while standing. Wrap the resistance band around your knees. From there, start to bend the knees while pushing your hips back as if you were going to sit in a chair. The band will become tighter as you squat down and more loose as you come back up. 

Standing Pull Apart

Standing Pull Apart with Band
Standing Pull Apart

2 sets of 15

The standing pull apart exercise doesn’t require the amount of movement through the body as the previous two. That doesn’t mean that its utility is lacking. In fact, this movement is one of the most important things you can do with regard to posture. In this exercise, you will grab the band at both ends. You will then pull your hands out to your sides. The pull will go through the arms, but the movement will be generated by the scapular muscles. The scapula is the “blade” or “wing” on the back side of the shoulder. The scapula will come apart as the arms come back to the body and apart as you pull the band apart.

Foundational movements such as these can be the catalyst to more movement in general. The three exercises outlined in this article work to improve muscle activation and can lead to a reduction in pain. As you get used to these exercises it is a good time to start to move more in general.

Remember, even low level aerobic activity can help to reduce low back pain and improve overall function.

The department of health and human services recommends at least  150 minutes of exercise per week. That comes out to just over 20 minutes a day. If you think about what makes up your day, we are awake for 16 hours. That makes 20 minutes of exercise about 2% of your waking hours. That means with as little as 2% of exercise out of your entire day, you can reach the minimum requirements to improve your overall health! The restoration of function is a process and it can start with these 3 simple exercises! 

The convenience of resistance bands makes incorporating these back exercises into your daily routine a breeze. They are portable, allowing you to stay committed to your posture-enhancing exercises, whether you're traveling or taking a break from screen time. With consistent practice of these resistance band exercises, your body will start to naturally revert to a healthier posture, reducing discomfort and boosting confidence. So challenge yourself, embrace the workout, and you’ll soon witness transformative results. Let the journey to a better posture begin!

Strengthen Your Posture with Seated Band and Banded Pull Techniques

Maintaining a strong and stable posture can be quite challenging, especially if you’re spending hours working from home, hunched over your computer. But don’t worry, I have seen these exercise help so many people. Now I won't say that pain is caused by poor posture! There was a resent study that didn't find causation between posture and pain. That doesn't mean we shouldn't still strengthen our postural muscles by bolstering the muscles that support your shoulder and back region.

Implementing seated band and banded pull exercises into your workout routine can lead to noticeable improvements in your posture. T

The band pull apart exercisesI reviewed earlier is a great way to strength your back muscles and improve posture. As a bonus, it can be done in seated! 

Developing Back Strength with Resistance Bands Back Exercises

Embrace vitality and vigor in your fitness journey with resistance bands back exercises, a potent tool for enhancing your back strength and correcting your work-from-home posture. Using resistance bands has gain popularity because you have seen many athletes use them to stay in shape and perform for longer periods of time.

The exercises using bands just don't offer variety; they are the cornerstone of a resilient core and robust lower back. I use them to treat patents all the time. By incorporating resistance bands into your back exercises, you open a world of possibilities to improve your health and fuel your body's fitness aspirations. I have clients of many ages complete resistance band exercise. It's all about how and what you do.

Resistance bands offer a cost effective alternative to lifting weights and they are very portable!

I also love resistance bands because they can be easily stored and won't break the bank. One of the biggest problems with traditional weights is that they are heavy. This means that shipping those bad boys can be pretty expensive. Resistance bands come in different tensions that allow them to be used for multiple purposes. Working the shoulders, and more importantly the muscles around the scapula can be easily done with resistance bands.  

Resilience is at the core of these exercises. So, let's take those bands and make today the day you move towards a stronger, healthier you with every resistance band back exercise. Whether it's the starting move or the last set, you're on the path to a magnificent posture transformation. Join Revision Health Services in Jacksonville, Florida and become the pro of your personal health narrative.

In conclusion, Embrace the journey toward a stronger, more poised you by completing these exercises regularly, and witness transformative results in both strength and posture. Your back is the cornerstone of good posture — let's fortify it with purpose and persistence!

Frequency Asked Questions? 

What are resistance band back exercises, and how can they help improve my posture while working from home?

Resistance band back exercises are a series of movements designed to strengthen your back muscles using the tension from resistance bands or tubes. These exercises can greatly improve your posture by targeting specific smalll muscles responsible of they spine responsible for fighting gravity all day long.

What makes resistance bands a good choice for back exercises?

They provide even, constant resistance that is safe and effective for treating back pain. They are light weight and can be used pretty much anywhere. Using resistance bands for back exercises also provides a full range of motion and assists in activating multiple muscle groups, making them a practical and effective choice for enhancing muscle strength and endurance.

Can resistance band back exercises really change my day-to-day posture?

Okay, changing posture, in my opinion, is mostly habit. That said, most want to change their posture because of pain and I can tell you many people have pain without bad posture and others have awful posture and no pain. It is best practice to correct movement patterns and listen to your body. If your body is achy and craving movement then band exercises are a great choice! 

What specific back muscles do resistance band exercises target?

Resistance band back exercises can target a wide range of muscles, including the lats upper, middle, and lower trapezius, rhomboids, and the muscles surrounding the spine.

How do I know if I'm performing resistance band back exercises correctly?

I will often tell my clients that there is some room for error. With bands we are often not putting that much unwanted pressure due to them being light weight. Posture comes with time and practice so you are better off starting and then refine the form later.

The benefit from resistance bands lies in the name. Our bodies require resistance in order to be challenged to change. Without enough stimulus, you give the body no reason to adapt which can lead to muscle atrophy. It is imperative that we work the muscles of the body so that they have a reason for being. Resistance bands offer a low overhead, yet can provide a big benefit to one’s physical well being. These exercises are just the tip of what can be done with resistance bands. 

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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