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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Concierge Doctor in Jacksonville, FL

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Concierge Doctor in Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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Are you tired of long waiting times at busy doctor's offices and impersonal healthcare experiences? Trust, me I know I am. I am a concierge physical therapist and I am tired of my patients having to wait and feel like their health isn't a priority. Now, most of the time their doctors have the best of intentions but it's the system they work in. A typical doctor's visits includes waiting for a 10 minute appointment only to discuss one issue. I am sorry, health can't be changed in 10 minutes.

Great news is that, there are options. The two that I see in Jacksonville Florida are direct primary care and concierge.

Previously, I have discussed direct primary care in Jacksonville so let's explore concierge doctors in Jacksonville.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the essential steps to finding the best concierge doctor in Jacksonville, FL. A concierge doctor offers personalized, patient-centered care with extended appointment times and a focus on building strong doctor-patient relationships. By choosing a concierge doctor, you gain access to a higher level of healthcare that prioritizes your individual needs and preferences.

Whether you are new to Jacksonville or simply seeking a change in your healthcare provider, this guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Say goodbye to rushed appointments and hello to personalized care with the best concierge doctor in Jacksonville, Florida!

Explore The Concierge Doctors in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville's healthcare options are every expanding and that includes concierge doctors. Concierge care and executive care is offered by multiple companies in Jacksonville. I have worked with them and have seen my clients be apart of each of them. Here is what I have learned.

Integra Concierge Medicine

Integra Concierge Medicine Jacksonville, Fl.
Integra Concierge Medicine Jacksonville, Fl.

As a trusted concierge doctor in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, FL, Integra Concierge Medicine is dedicated to revolutionizing your healthcare experience through direct primary medical care that focuses on you, the patient.

I have met Dr. Paul A. Busse recently and I really enjoyed learning about this practice model and beliefs. After stepping away from St. Vincent's he started Integra to allow him to provide the care his patients deserve. He enjoys treating clients along the lifespan and offers services such s hormone therapy. It was really nice getting to know him and he is a great provider.

Ryan Griffin M.D. in Ponte Vedra Florida

Ryan Griffin MD Concierge Medicine Ponte Vedra
Ryan Griffin MD Concierge Medicine

Dr. Griffin offers an array of services that includes hormone therapy, primary care, and urgent care visits that includes sprain and strain treatments. This is nice to hear and very convenient when things come up. I haven't gotten the chance to met Dr. Griffin but he appears to have a few good reviews. Check out his practice here! 

Mayo Executive Health Program

I have had multiple clients be apart of the Mayo Executive Health program. The overall feeling of this program is good but you will undergo a lot of testing and it takes all day long. They do it all in one day but some of reported it's too much. This includes seeing multiple specialties includes primary care, cardiology and more. This is only to name a few. This can seem good to some but it can seem like a bit much for those who are healthy.

That said, the access to the providers isn't as seamless as other local concierge practices or direct primary care appointments. You can't expect to get in same day or to text your providers.

Learn more about Mayo Executive Health in Jacksonville, Florida HERE.

Flager Signature Plus

Flager Signature Plus in Nocatee
Flager Signature Plus in Nocatee

Similar to Mayo, the Flagler Signature Plus program is a part of large healthcare system so you will have access to other specialties if needed. Flager also offers same-day or next-day appointments and when I spoke with Dr. Moon he also offered attending other doctor visits with you! I do this same thing with my patients and it always goes over well. To find out more about Flager's Signature Plus program click here! 

I would encourage anyone looking for concierge doctors in Jacksonville, to inquire with any of the above companies. These companies allow with direct primary care are paving the way to a brighter, healthier future. Together, let's transform your healthcare narrative into one that you'll be proud to call your own.

The Cost of a Concierge Doctor in Jacksonville, FL

  • Integra Concierge Medicine have plans that range from 160/month and up
  • Ryan Griffin doesn't disclose his prices
  • Mayo and Flagler didn't disclose online

Concierge or Direct Primary Care? 

Concierge medicine and direct primary care are similar in many ways but here are the key differences I have seen after working with both.

  • Concierge medicine tends to more often offer home visits and attend other doctor visits with you.
  • Direct primary care offers similar services as concierge but at a reduced rate.
  • Concierge doctors may have a smaller patient panel.

Benefits of Having a Concierge Doctor?

The benefits of a concierge doctor are individualized, just like the care they offer. Some people really like the idea of knowing they are covered if something comes up and others require contact with their doctor every week. Regardless, the benefits are wide and some offer unique services such as weight loss programs and telemedicine.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Concierge Doctor

Interviewing a concierge doctor is important as I firmly believe finding the best doctor requires matching personalities. When interviewing here are the questions that I would ask: 

  1. How do I get a hold of you? 
  2. How do you manage my conditions?
  3. How does it work if something happens? 

In the end, the questions should be individualized but what I what I tell all of my clients is to write down your questions! It's nearly impossible to remember all of them during your appointment. Also, make sure you ask your doctor before going on Google! 

Your Concierge Specialist in Jacksonville: Personalized Therapy and More

Concierge specialists in Jacksonville include primary care but you may also consider physical therapy. Revision Health offers concierge physical therapy in the Jacksonville area. Much like primary care we are devoted to providing a healthcare experience that’s as unique as you are. At the center of our care lies resiliency. We are focused on improving your resiliency so you can have the most functional and pain free lifestyle as possible.

We are a mobile practice that travels to your work place or home to allow you to care for your health on your own time.

We believe in the power of personalized therapy, whether you’re managing a chronic condition or seeking preventive care. Through our concierge care system, you won’t feel rushed or like a number like you may feel at other clinics or organizations.

Your care concierge is more than just a concept here; it's a tangible experience. We offer an array of services that encompass the full spectrum of healthcare, from manual therapy to dry needling. Our patient-first philosophy ensures that you'll not only be heard, but also thoroughly understood, leading to a customized health plan that aligns with your lifestyle and wellness goals.

The beauty of concierge medicine is the genuine relationship you’ll form with your provider. Changing health takes time and effort and at the foundation is strong relationship.

In conclusion, choosing a concierge doctor transcends conventional primary care, emphasizing enduring doctor-patient relationships and a commitment to your unique health needs. Whether you're a newcomer to Jacksonville or simply seeking a more individualized healthcare experience, this guide empowers you to make an informed decision.

Q: What is Concierge Medicine and How Does it Differ from Traditional Primary Care?

A: Concierge medicine is a form of direct primary care where patients have a closer, more personalized relationship with their physician. They prioritize long, uninterrupted visits, direct access to your doctor, and comprehensive care plans tailored to your individual needs. It's a healthcare model that emphasizes patient-centeredness, accessibility, exclusivity, and a commitment to holistic well-being.

Q: Can I Get Same-day Appointments with My Concierge Doctor?

A: Absolutely! One of the hallmarks of concierge medicine is the commitment to convenience

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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