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Direct Primary Care in Jacksonville, Florida: Dr. Jing Jing Cardona

Direct Primary Care in Jacksonville, Florida: Dr. Jing Jing Cardona

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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Meet Dr. Jing Jing Cardona, a direct primary care physician in Jacksonville, Florida

I was privileged to be able to sit down with direct primary care provider Dr. Cardona and learn about her direct primary care practice in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Jing Jing Cardona is from humble beginnings and had the courage to step away from her job at a large healthcare organization so she could provide better care via Cardona Direct Primary Care. Over time, she began learning about the direct primary care model and how it was right for her and her patients. We sat down and discussed her practice, patient care, and the benefits of working with a direct primary care physician.

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What is direct primary care?

Essentially, direct primary care is a model of healthcare that brings simplicity and relationships to the surface. Simple healthcare that is relationship focused between the patient and physician. No more calling the nurse and maybe getting a call back. No more, not feeling heard or understood. Direct primary care allows the provider to limit the number of patients they see so they can make sure you are getting the care you deserve. Top 3 reasons I love working with direct primary care physicians include:

  1. All primary care visits are covered and unlimited!
  2. The primary care physician limits the number of patients they will see so they can provide better more effective care.
  3. Labs, testing, and other services are driven by need, not by metrics.
No more calling the nurse and maybe getting a call back. No more, not feeling heard or understood. Make the change now.

The direct primary model is unique and most haven't heard of it. The difference in the level of care is palpable from the start. If you are serious about your health and are interested in working with a provider that truly has your best interest in mind, you may consider working with a direct primary care physician such as Cardona Direct Primary Care.

Why should I consider direct primary care providers near me?

To make it simple: convenient, effective, and personalized care. You have nearly instant contact with your physician. No more leaving messages with the hopes of a prompt call back. The doctor will answer your questions. Most direct primary care providers, such as Dr. Cardona and Dr. Derry, offer a free, no pressure, initial consultation to review your health needs so it can be determined if you are a good fit or not. Direct primary care practices are focused on the relationship between you and your provider meaning not everyone is a good fit.

What is the average wait time for a visit?

Dr. Cardona's model has eliminated wait times! You will be seen at your scheduled time, every time!  You visits are focused on what is needed. The first visit is always longer and follows up will exceed your expectations when seeing a primary care provider. Cardona Direct Primary Care takes as much time as the patient needs for each follow up appointment. No more rushing or feeling overwhelmed when your provider rushes in and out.

What if I have a question?

Just call Dr. Cardona's office!! She often answers the phone herself and if she doesn't your call is often returned within minutes, not hours. This is key because it will make sure you get the care when you need it and help you make better decisions about your health. It will also keep you from going down scary paths on Google! 

The direct primary care model is for those with AND without insurance!

Insurance doesn’t equal better care or better access. A common combination of payment that she sees is someone with a high deductible plan with an HSA (Health Savings Plan) to cover the monthly fee.

Insurance can dictate where you can go for "in network" providers. The insurance companies, in exchange for patients, will reduce what the provider is reimbursed for each visit. This results in a system that is based on volume, not value. This leads to the frustrations that I commonly hear from primary care providers and from their patients! Some are okay with this, but if you are not, then Dr. Cardona's model may be for you! 

The insurance companies, in exchange for patients, will reduce what the provider is reimbursed for each visit. This results in a system that is based on volume, not value.

Dr. Cardona's model is priced so it makes sense to the provider and patient. If you have a high deductible it would easily make more sense to pay the cost for direct primary care because you would be spending it anyways with your yearly check-ups.

Services offered at Cardona Direct Primary Care include: 

  • Unlimited, unhurried primary care visits
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Same day/next day visits
  • Telemedicine visits
  • Sports physicals/School physicals
  • ECGs
  • Skin lesion removals
  • Skin biopsies (Pathology fee additional)
  • Simple laceration repairs
  • Pap smears and HPV testing
  • Urinalysis testing
  • Urine pregnancy testing
  • Rapid strep testing
  • Rapid flu tests
  • Rapid mono testing
  • Spirometry
  • Simple incision and drainage
  • Wart destruction
  • Phlebotomy
  • Select joint injections
  • Trigger point injections

In summary, Dr. Cardona is going great things. She is humble, sweet, and an excellent provider. She is empathetic and very easy to talk to. She will be there for you and she will make sure you are receiving evidence based and unbiased treatment options. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and so will you! 

Schedule your meet and greet with Dr. Cardona! 

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Until next time, stay healthy, keep moving, and take care of yourself.

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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