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Dr. Marylin James direct primary care physician in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Marylin James direct primary care physician in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Marylin James, D.O., owner of Haven Family Health, on multiple occasions now. She is a direct primary care provider in Jacksonville, FL. She is cut from a different cloth. From her story to her practice patterns, she is providing high quality family medicine to the Jacksonville area.

Dr. Marylin James, D.O. is an osteopathic physician and residency trained in family medicine.

She has been in the area for a few years now and she has practiced in many settings. She decided to separate from corporate healthcare for many reasons.

  • She wanted to branch away from a model that didn't allow her to really get to know her patients and their families. Family practice is built upon relationships and when she was responsible for 1500 plus patients, she wasn't able to provide the care she wanted to. Now, she is able to really connect with her patients and families. She even has her mother-in-law helping with her practice! 
  • In the past, she was limited in the ways she could practice but now she can practice and treat without boundaries. This is reflected in her services offered and lengthy patient visits.
  • Dr. James and Haven Family Health is now a value focused model, not volume, where quality care isn't biased and is focused around the patient and their needs.

The direct primary care model at Haven Family Health.

The direct primary care model is gaining traction across the United States. It essentially promotes direct access to your primary care provider and their services. At Haven Family Health Dr. James focuses on access! She offers UNLIMITED clinic and virtual visits to her practice members. The average primary care visit is only 7 min long, where the average visit with a direct primary care is 30 minutes.

When you call Haven Family Health, if Dr. James isn't seeing patients you get to speak with her. If she is busy, then you leave a message and SHE will call you back that day! 

What a visit with Dr. James looks and feels like.

The clinic atmosphere is focused on healing the mind and body. She always wanted a clinic where she could be a haven for healing. Somewhere where you could feel safe, heard, and understood.

Dr. Marylin James, D.O. Direct Primary Care provider Jackonville Florida
Dr. Marylin James, D.O. Direct Primary Care provider Jacksonville Florida

Three things that will instantly stand out and improve your patient experience when you walk into Dr. James's office:

  1. The essential oils she uses promotes a healing, calm environment, along with smelling wonderful of course!
  2. There is plenty of natural light, starting your experience off on a bright, comforting note.
  3. Comfy chairs to sit and enjoy some tea! Don't worry about that early morning appointment, there is plenty of tea to get your day started!

During your visit with Dr. James you can expect to have an appointment that is on average 30 minutes long. The first visit is about 60 minutes to allow both of you to have enough time to get to know each other. She also gets you in for urgent visits when you need it. Don't worry about going to urgent care, just call her office and they can get you in that day! 

What Dr. James loves to treat and what she is passionate about.

She really enjoys treating people across the lifespan. This allows her to follow her patients and treat a mix of conditions. Her approach is holistic so she looks at your entire body not just one body part. She can seamlessly blend eastern and western medicine as well as the evidence to help you achieve the goals you are looking for. She also focuses on a hands on approach to learn more about your body. She will find restrictions in areas of your body that you might not realize needed some TLC.

  • Manual therapy is a staple of her practice. As a D.O. she is trained in hands on treatment and there is a plethora of evidence to prove that it helps in many ways. It is not uncommon for her to treat a variety of conditions with manual therapy. This is a truly unique because many physicians do not do this! 
"It's beautiful to have the time to approach your body in an open and honest manner." - Dr. Marylin James

She loves working with physical therapists! 

She has worked with physical therapists in the area for a while. She loves that we can each give the patient the time they need to heal and what you learn in physical therapy has a lot of carry over in your life. An active approach focused around your body and it's needs is important. Working with like minded providers greatly helps the patient feel better and stay better.

"We are trying to be community conscious by reducing unnecessary images and testing." - Dr. James.

Dr. James and physical therapists want you to learn ways to better yourself without relying on medications, surgery, or expensive testing. Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and other preventable diseases require lifestyle changes and a team. The direct primary care model allows her help you build that team and make sure you are improving and achieving the results you deserve.

You can reach Dr. James via email or visiting her website.

Telehealth with Dr. Marylin James, D.O.
Telehealth visits Haven family health

In summary, Dr. James and Haven Family Health can help you better understand your body and make sure you are healthy and happy. Across the lifespan she will make sure you are taken care of. With her care you get a special approach with nearly unlimited access. She provides the unique approach of western medicine, eastern influence, and hands on care.

Revision Health Services now offers massage and in-home physical therapy in Jacksonville, Nocatee, and St. Johns Florida. As well as telehealth in Florida. If you are interested please reach out so we can discuss if you are a candidate! 

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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