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The Benefits of Direct Primary Care in Florida: A Healthier Approach to Affordable and Personalized Healthcare

The Benefits of Direct Primary Care in Florida: A Healthier Approach to Affordable and Personalized Healthcare

Dr. Michael Derry, DPT, PT, OCS Jacksonville, Florida
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Direct Primary Care in Florida is fairly new and people are loving it. Let me explain. I am a concierge physical therapist and I not only need a primary care for myself but when people need help it's their primary care physician that often quarterback the care plan. Primary care is at center helping the patient to ensure all angles of their health are being addressed.

A frustration that I see is that people need the communication between specialities and a primary care physician at a hospital system just can't keep up. The delay is too great and the patient suffers with confusion and frustration.

People are also frustrated with wait times, not being able to talk with their doctor, and feeling of disorganization. This is where direct primary care steps in.

Direct Primary Care (DPC), the game-changing approach to healthcare that is sweeping across Florida. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Direct Primary Care in Florida, shedding light on a healthier and more affordable way to receive personalized healthcare.

Not only does DPC provide a better patient experience, but it also focuses on proactive and preventive care. With more time to spend with patients, DPC physicians can work closely with individuals to develop personalized health plans, emphasizing preventive measures and lifestyle interventions. Moreover, DPC promotes cost transparency, with no surprise charges or hidden fees. By eliminating insurance middlemen, DPC providers are able to offer affordable healthcare services that cater to a wide range of budgets.

3 Benefits of Direct Primary Care in Florida

1. Affordability 

Unlike the traditional fee-for-service model, DPC offers unlimited access to primary care services for a fixed monthly membership fee. This means no more rushed appointments or unexpected bills. You can expect visits that are close to an hour! This actually allows doctors to truly understand their patients' needs.

2. Individualized

Health needs are individualized. Every body is different and thus everybody deserves a personalized health plan. Even if things are going well it's still worth it to ensure your health is taken care of. This only happens when doctors are able to dial into your health. This required time and access. Direct primary care does both for just a small monthly fee! 

3. Access

No wait times and most direct primary cares offer same day appointments without waiting. This allows you to skip urgent care and go see YOUR doctor. No more calls to the office and wait times. I see this a lot with my lower back pain patients. If they are experiencing spasms, it's nice to see your doctor quickly to get medication you may need.

Is Direct Primary Care more affordable compared to conventional health insurance?

Yes, one of the pillars of Direct Primary Care is affordability. By operating on a membership-based model, patients typically face lower overall healthcare costs as they avoid the high premiums, co-pays, and deductibles associated with traditional health insurance plans. The emphasis is on preventing surprise bills and ensuring that patients receive value through personalized attention and care.

You can also use FSA and HSA funds to help you pay for direct primary care! 

Experience Direct Primary Care in Florida: Personalized Patient-Doctor Relationships

In the heart of Florida, the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is transforming the landscape of healthcare. It's a personalized care model that emphasizes the unique relationship between a physician and patient. This can only be done with time and listening. In Jacksonville, direct primary care is not just a practice, it's a commitment to affordable medical care coupled with a high degree of personal attention.

The primary care providers operating under this model champion the significance of a robust patient-doctor relationship. It's about getting to know you beyond your medical charts—your health goals, lifestyle, and preferences all matter! I have seen this so many times. Back when primary care started, the doctor would take care of your entire family and this is often an option with direct primary care as well. Relationship based care is always better.

The direct primary care approach is defining a new era of health where visits are never rushed, and your healthcare journey is as individualized as you are. It prioritizes the bond between provider and patient, ensuring you're seen as a whole person, not just a series of symptoms.

By choosing a Direct Primary Care model, you're saying 'yes' to a healthcare experience that values personal interaction, and 'no' to the impersonal rush of conventional practice environments.

Click on the DPC mapper below to find a direct primary care near you! 

Map of Direct Primary Care in Florida
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What Is Direct Primary Care? Understanding the Personalized Care Model

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a transformative healthcare model that truly emphasizes the patient-physician relationship. It's an approach where the focus is squarely on you, ensuring that you have access to personalized care tailored to your unique health needs. In Florida, direct primary care is becoming a reputable alternative to traditional health insurance models, offering patients an affordable membership-based structure that simplifies the way they access their primary care provider. This direct engagement with a physician affords you more comprehensive visits, as your provider spends quality time understanding and managing your health without the constraints often imposed by insurance protocols.

Q: What is Direct Primary Care (DPC) and how is it different from traditional healthcare models?
A: Direct Primary Care is a healthcare model that values the relationship between a patient and their physician above all else. Traditional insurance-based constraints include time and testing. Most doctors want to test more because the hospital makes more money. The DPC model is based on a membership structure, offering a more personal, in-depth, and accessible healthcare experience that prioritizes evidence based care not over-medicalization.

By choosing direct primary care, you're opting for a system where the keyword is 'access'—access to affordable and focused healthcare. Here, each patient receives the attention they deserve, signaling a shift towards a more sustainable patient-provider relationship.

What sets DPC apart in the realm of primary care is the commitment to extensive patient interactions in every visit. This empowers you with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions about your health. With DPC in Florida, expect not only to be heard but also to forge a lasting relationship with a provider who prioritizes your well-being. So, if you're ready to explore a personalized care model that's reshaping the healthcare landscape, direct primary care in Florida might be the perfect avenue for you!

How does the DPC model benefit patients in terms of healthcare access?

The DPC model offers patients unparalleled access to their healthcare provider. This includes more comprehensive visits, direct communication via text or calls, and the accessibility of same day appointments.

With a simplified, membership-based approach, you have an open line to your physician, and care is often more readily available without the limitations and bureaucracy of conventional insurance-based practices.

Can Direct Primary Care provide more than just primary care services?

Absolutely! In addition to offering comprehensive primary care, the DPC model in Florida may also include mental health, functional medicine, weight loss, and aesthetics.

Should you require more than primary care, our mobile physical therapy and medical wellness services bring high-quality, individualized treatment directly to you. It's healthcare that's not just convenient, but also filled with heart and purpose.

In embracing this health care movement in Florida, you join a family of patients who relish in the direct access to their physicians and other providers. Cherish the thoroughness of the medical care received, and value the profound peace of mind that comes with knowing their healthcare is in capable hands.

A new way healthcare DPC
A New Way Healthcare Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Why should I consider joining a Direct Primary Care practice in Florida? 

By joining a DPC practice in these areas, you're signing up for a healthcare experience that's centered on you. That's how care should be! Where your health goals and needs drive the care you receive. It's a commitment to quality care, personal attention, and a holistic understanding of your health without the pressure and impersonal nature of typical healthcare systems. You're not just a patient; you're a partner in your journey to wellness, and that's a powerful shift toward a brighter healthcare future.

In conclusion: The transformative impact of Direct Primary Care (DPC) on healthcare is palpable and promises a brighter future for all. As a concierge physical therapist, I have witnessed the frustrations people face with traditional primary care models—long wait times, lack of communication between specialties, and a general sense of disorganization. Direct Primary Care in Florida addresses these concerns head-on, offering a revolutionary approach that prioritizes personalized, affordable, and accessible healthcare.

Dr. Michael Derry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board certified in orthopedics. He is very passionate about treating lower back pain and helping people build their resiliency. He has spent time assisting at universities as well as managing large clinics before starting his own practice in Jacksonville, FL.

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