Dr. Christopher Pregony, PT, DPT, CSCS Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Christopher Pregony is a Doctor of Physical Therapy as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He worked for 13 years in the fitness industry before earning his doctorate. Doctor Pregony completed an orthopedic residency through UF health Jacksonville and is working towards a clinical specialty in orthopedics. He is happily married with 4 wonderful children. He enjoys running, lifting weights, and writing.

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Doctor of Physical Therapy

License Number: PT37549

Residency Trained

Why become residency trained?

Despite the breadth of knowledge that is required to obtain a doctorate in physical therapy, many new graduates feel there are gaps in their abilities. Completing an orthopedic residency allowed me to narrow my attention from broad to specific. The strength of the residency came from the mentors that challenged me to think critically and have a reason for my interventions with patients. It can be easy to get in a routine where you go through the motions and lose touch with a solid clinical rationale for treatment. The residency laid a foundation of knowledge for me to build off of.My mother always told me if you are going to do something, that you should be the best you can possibly be at it. The residency gave me that opportunity.

What way do you see health care changing?

In recent years, medicine has done a better job of adapting an approach that looks at patients as a whole rather than just an illness. This change has allowed us to treat the multiple systems that are involved inpatient care.  As far as where healthcare is going in the future? I seethe model further shifting to a more patient centered approach. This involves patients receiving individualized plans of care by their primary care physicians that involve a multidisciplinary approach. Addressing the mental and physical issues can lead to better patient outcomes. Furthermore, I think that healthcare needs to change from a model of treating problems, to preventing them in the first place. As a physical therapist we are trained as “Movement”specialists. If we can live up to this name and get people moving more they can use the power of exercise to help prevent many of the problems that plague modern day Americans. 

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